Illuminate Your Home With Our Electrical Services

Illuminate Your Home With Our Electrical Services

Leave the electrical installation services to us in Springfield Gardens & Jamaica, NY

Turn to a reliable home improvement company to get the electrical installation services you need. A James Installations can take care of all kinds of electrical installation work. Whether you're looking to mount a new ceiling fan or fix your broken light switch, we've got you covered.

Contact us today to ask about the electrical installation services we offer in Springfield Gardens andĀ Jamaica, NY.

Brighten up your home with our lighting installation work

When remodeling, it's important to consider the lighting fixtures you want. We can handle lighting installations to complete the look of any room. Our other electrical services include electrical wiring, updating your breakers, maintaining your control panel and replacing switches. We're there when you need minor electrical repairs.

You might need our help if:

  • Your lights are flickering or fading
  • You're having problems with a light switch
  • Your breakers keep tripping
  • You need to rewire a room in your home

Call now to schedule a lighting installation in Springfield GardensĀ or Jamaica, NY.